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Try Investigation Catalyst - the Investigator's partner.

Investigation Catalyst is powerful investigation support software that helps investigators identify behaviors of everyone and everything that influenced outcome(s) of interest, and how those behaviors might be changed to produce better future outcomes. Over three decades of research is incorporated in the investigation technology it supports.

Investigation Catalyst helps investigators identify, document, organize, link, test and present data they need to fully describe and explain processes like accidents, fires, exposions, spills, and other disruptive occurences. It then helps investigators find and evaluate changes that should be made to achieve better outcomes in the future.

  • To learn more about what Investigation Catalyst is and how it works,  Click here

  • To learn how this differs from conventional investigations, Click here

A free trial version is avalable, with self-learning guidance - but follow the rules to see its full power.

  • Contact us for additional information about
    • setting up your organization's worksite
    • cross-platform compatibility
    • works in process, and
    • our latest research.

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